Granby Eats - Places to check out on your vacation at The Selbu Ski Chalet

Granby Eats

So we have been doing our darnedest to keep experiencing all that there is to eat, see, and do in this glorious area EVERYONE wants to vacation at. SO MUCH TO DO! There will be more blogs later on those, but today I thought I'd mention a few tasty places we've had a chance to check out. Keep in mind, we are in the mountains and these are small towns. In fact don't be surprised if some of these place close down in between tourist seasons. I've made that mistake a time or two.....

Maverick's Grille This place is your classic mom and pop type restuarant. It's got a little for everyone. From burgers and sandwiches to a little Mexican, Italian, and BBQ. This place is almost always open and has pretty decent food and service. Their green chili is awesome and on the spicier side!

Brickhouse 40 The hubs and I got to experience this for his birthday. This would be considered 'upscale' for our little mountain town. Dishes are a bit pricier but the food we had was awesome, not to mention the historic digs where it's located provided for a great ambiance. You can even find happy hours and live music. Decent wine and beer selection, Greek-American fare in a rustic-chic brick building with a bar, fireplace, and views. We had pasta and it was rich and delightful. 

Granby Ranch Grill Great spot with a cozy fireplace, outdoor patio and eclectic fare ranging from pizza to steak. This is located in the Granby Ranch Ski Lodge and is a great place to unwind after a day of skiing or sit on the patio and watch the mountain bikers come down the hill in summer. Did I add breathtaking views too?

Mad Munchies Is located in downtown Granby and is a little sandwich shop. It's small, comfy and homey. Good sandwiches, simple menu. Quick eats.

Showboat's Drive by Pie Did you know there is a Drive By Pie place? I haven't tried it yet but am looking forward to experiencing pure glutton in the comfort of my front seat. If you try it, let me know!

Altitude Pizza You can actually get pizza delivered to the cabin!!!! That's right, our little place up the mountain can get a warm pizza pie delivered to the front door. And it's pretty good too. Just be prepared to spend the delivery minimum!

Well, there's a few places to try if you get to stay at The Selbu Ski Chalet. If you try more places, let me know!