The Selbu Ski Chalet

Welcome! This is my first post ever and I hope to use it to share travel tips, vacation ideas for things to do and anything else I think you all should know about! I wanted to first off tell you about myself and the 'why's' and 'where's' of The Selbu Ski Chalet.

I have been in love with the Rocky Mountains and Colorado since my very first trip here when I was about 8 years old. In my 20's I was lucky enough to be offered a position in Denver and my husband and I packed up our things and ventured West.

We started our family here and have been working hard at building and growing our businesses and enjoying all the things this great state has to offer. I have always been drawn to the mountains and have been quietly searching for my opportunity to mix my Rocky Mountain passion with work. When we found our cabin I was instantly in love and can't wait to share it with others so they too can experience the tranquility and serenity of the majestic mountains.

The name 'Selbu Ski Chalet' originates from the birthplace of my great grandfather, Ole Johnson Stavnes of Selbu, Norway. Ole's home farm was surrounded by beautiful mountains and a alluring fjord and I can only imagine that he would find The Selbu Ski Chalet equally charming of his Norwegian home. The Stavnes family in Norway still owns a ski and hunting lodge that has been in the family for generations.

We hope you enjoy your stay here as much as we do!